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Why SUPERIOR Offers the Best Gun Safe for the Money.

Superior Safes offer the best gun safes for your money.

The Safe & Knife Company of Rogers, MN is proud to offer safes by the Superior Safe Company. In the world of gun safes, Superior offers the same high-end quality as others, but at a lower cost.superior safes

About Superior Safes

“A Step Above the Rest” 

What is it that makes a Superior product so great?  The answer begins with the perfection of design, the careful selection of the best materials, the worker’s capabilities, the attention to detail. Each step of the building process must be performed with high accuracy and precision. Remember, no masterpiece was ever accomplished through taking the easy way out.

There is a price to be paid when achieving hand-crafted value and excellence. Sometimes this price is small compared to what you stand to lose. Why would you settle for less than the best in your crowning piece of home security?

Superior Safes are Built with American-Made Steel

superior safes

To add strength and rigidity to the safe’s door opening, Superior Safes add a Double-Steel Door Casement™ to the safe’s body. This casement is formed from two or more layers of steel (depending on model) and is welded around the perimeter of the door opening. It more than quadruples the strength of the door opening and provides a more secure and pry-resistant door mounting. Champion installs this Double-Steel Door Casement™ on all of its models. Most safe companies do not offer this reinforcement.

To learn more about the steel, click HERE.

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