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Why Choose Champion Safes?

Champion Safes are the Highest Quality And Best Gun Safes In The Industry

Here at the Safe & Knife Company, quality and safety are our top priorities and that is why we sell  Champion Safes. They are proud to have the reputation of making the #1 quality gun safe brand in America—and for a number of reasons.

Best Fire Protection

In addition to our excellent steel quality, the safes are able to protect your firearms from the fire. While there is no such thing as a truly fireproof champion safessafe (any company that claims this is lying to you), their safes are extremely resistant to fire and provide incredible protection not only for your firearms but other sensitive possessions as well. The average house fire burns at 1100° F so the time and temperature of the fire rating have a reference to its ability to defend against a house fire. All of the Champion gun safes are extensively fire tested to ensure that they can keep your possessions safe for anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes in temperatures of up to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unrivaled Security

Champion safes are also designed with security in mind. The body design of the safes is formed from one solid piece of steel, which is bent and fit into the proper shape before the top and bottom are welded together. The use of continuous MIG welds ensures maximum security.

All of our gun safes are also designed and built to meet the strict security rating set by the Underwriters Laboratories, so you can enjoy added peace of mind with your purchase.

Read more about Champion Safes here.

Why Choose Champion Safes?

champion safes“Shopped many different safes but I kept coming back to the Champion Medalist, the workmanship and quality were so much better, than the safes in the same class, and they looked cheap. The safe has so many features that you would find on higher priced safe. Do your self a favor and look at Champion you won’t regret it” ~Scott H.

“I really enjoyed talking one of their guys when I was browsing the shop. good variety of gun safes. They are definitely one of the higher end safe companies, toughest sturdiest safes I’ve seen.” ~Brandon S.


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